Still Thankful

Exciting jobs at BelPres? Look no further than the BelPres Finance Department! It might sound odd, but it is stimulating, just maybe not in the way you think. Much of the time the work is very concentrated and careful, there are many details to attend to, along with discussing ministry and programs with church staff to confirm details. But we also have opportunities to talk to those who give and tithe to BelPres.

We are part of a busy community following God. We are a church. We are the place where God has first called us to be faithful givers. Revival of the Eastside is a touchstone of Bellevue Presbyterian Church. Our mission to join God in His rescue mission to our world is an everyday goal. That makes for a lot of activity on the part of a lot of people. Money comes in from faithful congregants and friends. Money goes out for expenses. And everything is carefully prayed and accounted for.

It is very important to be good stewards of God’s money. When the church is working correctly, transformation happens. Brokenness is made whole, hungry people are fed, people encounter and grow to know Jesus. To keep all of these projects happening, the finance department continually checks spending to contributions, monthly budgets to actuals, and all those meticulous pieces that keep our church running. The department keeps the entire staff and Session informed about how much to spend towards realizing their vision. They help the directors and program leaders carefully use the funds available and practice good budgetary principles. The finance team keeps all the moving pieces together and creates a very disciplined and ordered world out of a large and complicated budget.

“When the church is working correctly, transformation happens. Brokenness is made whole, hungry people are fed, people encounter and grow to know Jesus.”

Then, every year, into this quiet, well-ordered routine comes a very big deadline: the end of the fiscal year. The Finance Department gets a lot of attention in this season. Reports are requested and prepared. Frequently. Then, even more frequently. Heads of ministries want to know if they can continue to fund their ministries as planned. Priorities are redefined when necessary.

As the difference gets smaller, the suspense eases a little. But still, there are times when we are not sure the budget will be met. We remind ourselves it’s up to God. God will provide what we need.

In August, our Senior Pastor Dr. Scott

Dudley spoke to our congregation about the difference between the budget and the actual contributions as the fiscal year end approached. The members of our congregation responded generously and promptly. By August 31, the difference was very, very small. All of the things that the workers in God’s vineyard had planned for this year were able to be accomplished, and even the things that are part of good management and helpful to general maintenance and upkeep could be done. We were able to take that deep breath and thank God for His faithfulness through the gifts that came into the church during August.

Look at all we have accomplished this year with your generous support. We have refreshed the Sanctuary building, invited hundreds of kids and youth on adventures with Jesus through camp experiences, and walked through life with families and individuals. Impact Teams traveled to Guatemala, Bolivia, Costa Rica, and beyond. Mission partners have been faithfully supported in the work they are doing as part of God’s rescue operation in our community and around the world.

What a sense of relief. What a heart full of thanks we continue to have, even two months later.

So here we are. Two months into the new fiscal year. God has refined our vision and guides our paths. His servants are answering the invitation to follow where God is leading and stepping into the limitless possibilities of His call. The normal rhythms of worship and fellowship are on sound footing and members are caring and serving within the walls of our church, in our neighborhoods, all over the Eastside, and beyond. Just like God asks of us.

And do we worry? Not very often. Our finance team and church staff know that God is faithful and He gives us all the hope and courage to trust. Thank you to the BelPres faithful givers!

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