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Child Sponsorship is one small way that we can act globally from home. Through child sponsorship, we empower global ministry partners to come alongside vulnerable children, families and communities seeking sustainable change. They do this by providing tools, training, hope and basic necessities so they can become self-sufficient. (more…)

Welcome to Rule #2

I remember the day like it was yesterday. I was roughly seven or eight years old, it was a slightly overcast and windy fall day, and I had the whole day to play outside. I’d just received a brand new GI Joe kite. I can’t remember if I ever had my own kite before, so in my mind, this was my first. It was a perfect “kite day,” and I was about to reap the benefits of Mother Nature’s blustery mood. (more…)

Making Space

As I began reflecting on my experiences in Group Spiritual Direction, I began to realize how difficult it is to explain. I started attending a Group Spiritual Direction group two years ago, not really knowing what it was, but wanting to learn to hear God’s voice more clearly. (more…)

Book Review: The Invisible Girls

The Invisible Girls: A Memoir

Sarah Thebarge

Growing up a fundamentalist PK (preacher’s kid), Sarah had developed a sense of God as being punishing and severe. Otherwise, she led a relatively normal life up until her early twenties – undergraduate and graduate degrees from two Ivy League schools, an upwardly mobile job as a physician’s assistant, a growing desire to write, and a boyfriend (more…)

Bridge Disabilities: A Short Story

This sweet, true story brought to you by our friends at the Meyer Mobility Center:

A group of young men came into Bridge Disabilities’ Meyer Mobility Center a week ago. Forced to flee their home country, one of the men had been severely injured, and was in need of a hospital bed and a wheelchair. As they were new to the US, the men were limited in their knowledge of English. Through gestures, expressions, lots of looking back and forth between the friends, we were all able to figure out exactly what they needed.

The young, injured man needed an improved hospital bed and a power wheel chair to make life easier. He knew it; his eyes said so. Our cost to refurbish the equipment far exceeded the amount of money they had (mostly from one of their church sponsors). There was much back and forth discussion and gesturing between the friends as they tried to problem solve and find a solution.

In the end, it didn’t matter to Gerry, our center’s supervisor. He knew what he had to do, trusting that God would find a way to allow Bridge to help this young man. Happy and grateful that we were able to outfit the young man with equipment that would help him immensely, our good Meyer Mobility Center folks went about serving the woman next in line. The woman had patiently and graciously waited her turn, and had seen and heard the exchanges of the group of men. What happened next completely blew us away! She blessed us with a generous donation to Bridge, completely covering the cost of the equipment for the injured young man!

Angels are among us. Truly there are, and we’ve seen so, so many.

Keep going. Stay inspired. Seek justice. Pursue God.

Becky Gonzalez

I came across this blog post last week on Sojourners and it resonated with me.  I am not burned-out…[today] but I have gone through seasons where I wonder if any of the work we are doing to reach our community and world matters.

Are we making an impact?
Are we doing things right?
Are we doing the right things?
Are we pleasing God?
Are we representing the church well?
Are we creating a sustainable model or one of dependence?
Are we doing more harm than good?

This author, Stephen Mattson, encourages us to “Never quit, and never underestimate your involvement in justice work, because it means passionately caring for humanity — people who are often the most vulnerable, persecuted, abused, helpless, and exploited. Which matters. Keep going. Stay inspired. Seek justice. Pursue God.”

Check out the full article. I hope that it is as encouraging to you as it was to me.  Be encouraged in your work, your ministry and your life for Him.