Letter from the Editor

Volunteering has played a large role in my life, although not always by choice. My high school required 120 hours of community service before graduation, which meant every week I spent four hours at Evergreen Hospital helping the nurses in NICU. This was one of the more interesting volunteer positions among my fellow classmates so I was lucky in that aspect and I enjoyed giving back to my community, but the idea that acts of service is my love language did not come to realization until years later.

I first discovered The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman about five years ago and immediately decided my love language was gift giving. I like receiving presents! But rereading the book with my now-husband two years ago, I realized that my language is actually service. “For these people, actions speak louder than words.” My marriage has taught me that I value this above all other ways of being shown I am loved and it is my go-to when I try to show love.

Working at BelPres, I have grown to appreciate this aspect of my personality even more. The BelPres congregation and staff are a devoted bunch. I have a loyal roster of volunteers who fold the bulletin every week and help make sure everything is set for the ushers on Sunday. The staff helps me each week by proofing the bulletins and each month by proofing The Messenger. We have a talented group of proofreaders, thank God! It’s a tight production schedule every month and I often do not catch mistakes; without their efforts, this publication would be riddled with errors.

The “Behind the Scenes” article each month that spotlights a BelPres volunteer always amazes me. I had no idea (and probably still do not) the reach that our volunteer force has in the church and community. GetConnected does an incredible job filling volunteer roles with loyal, Jesus-loving people eager to serve others. These volunteers have built relationships and become the hands and feet of God through their service.

This month, our congregation has the opportunity to join alongside other churches in our community and participate in the Jubilee Service Day on August 22. This is a fantastic opportunity to see our current purpose statement, participating with Jesus to revive the Eastside and beyond, in action.

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