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Never have so many people been so connected. We text, tweet, post, like, email, share photos, and even share what we had for dinner. We keep our phones at an arm’s length in fear of missing an important connection or to be able to reach someone at a moment’s notice. But are we connected to what God wants us to be connected to? Are we connected to one another in service, being the hands and feet of Jesus here on earth?

GetConnected is a way to do just that. To find a connection to God’s great rescue mission. There is a place for each of us, contributing whatever interests, skills, abilities, or time we have.

Just picture the hungry being fed, the homeless in housing, children shown the love of Jesus, music shared to fill our souls. Whatever the picture, imagine it as a piece of a puzzle that has hundreds of pieces. Each piece brings us that much closer to a completed picture.

You may read this or hear of volunteer service opportunities and think, “I can do that, fit me in.”

You may read this or hear of opportunities and still have no idea how to discern your best fit or feel overwhelmed imagining adding to your busy schedule. If this is you, GetConnected can work with you to find your best fit. Simply complete the online “Interest Survey”, stop by the Lobby Kiosk, call the Church Office, or meet someone from GetConnected in person to explore opportunities to become a piece of BelPres, the community, or global outreach service.

Just in the past few months, BelPres has found new volunteers. One person contacted GetConnected by phone, shared her background and her interests, and was set up with Finance to support the team and fill their need for filing help. She recently ran into Nancy Campi, the director of GetConnected, and shared how thrilled she is to be helping out and how much she enjoys volunteering.

Another woman was volunteering at Jubilee REACH, but wanted to feel more involved with BelPres and was unsure how. She recently joined the Missions team as a volunteer. One of her recent tasks was taking inventory of medical supplies. She is also excited to be helping out at BelPres.

If this is not the time for you to explore a specific volunteer role, consider joining the “As Needed” group. This group is contacted via email when needs arise and group members serve only as available and interested. These opportunities might be as straightforward as adding inserts into the Sunday bulletin on a Thursday or Friday afternoon, helping with extra tasks on Sunday mornings, or providing food or other help at an event.

There is indeed an opportunity for each volunteer to engage in the work of BelPres and our community. We all have gifts to share. Some of us have great technical skills or talents in the creative arts.

If you are someone with organizational or managerial skills there is probably a team in great need of the leader piece of their puzzle. Often such volunteer leaders are able to coordinate teams and tasks as their schedules allow and they are the key to keeping many church or community services humming along.

A BelPres volunteer once said, “I was bogged down with a busy work schedule, a long commute, family responsibilities, and minor health issues. But I still had a desire to serve in the church. I knew I couldn’t handle any big time commitment. The GetConnected team set me up…I let them know of my interests, and was aligned with an opportunity that suited my skills and passions. Now I am serving in a way that has been deeply rewarding. I truly have felt like a co-worker with Christ.”

It may be cliché but it’s absolutely true that you as well as those you serve will personally experience God’s love and power, and the impact of such ministry expands beyond a task to actually building God’s Kingdom on earth.

Phone: 425-454-3082, x3394
Visit GetConnected online for the Interest Survey and more information.

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    I would like to join the meals cooking group on this Thursday morning. Does it start at 8:30am?

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