A Decade of Jubilee

“If you would look at all the activities and missions that our people, individually and collectively, have been involved in, you would find very few places in the community or the world that have not been touched.” The Ripple Effect, Bellevue Presbyterian

Caring for others, locally and globally, is one of Bellevue Presbyterian’s distinguishing characteristics. In August, the Bellevue Reporter featured an article about Jubilee REACH and the annual service day. This year marks 11 years since Bellevue Presbyterian members Jan and Gary King developed their vision for Jubilee, as well as the 10-year anniversary of the annual service day.

Our congregation was intimately involved in the first Jubilee Service Day in 2005 and we facilitated the development of the Jubilee REACH Center as part of the effort to become more visible on the Eastside. The Center has given Jubilee REACH the opportunity to serve people of all ages with a variety of needs throughout the year.

Last year, an edition of The Messenger emphasized the contribution of the King family. “Jan and Gary King have worked tirelessly to establish a partnership between churches, the school district, and the city of Bellevue.” Their service to the Eastside blesses many on a daily basis in tangible ways.

Steve Roberts, executive director of Congregations for the Homeless, commented to the Bellevue Reporter, “[Jubilee Service Day] is a good project. It really makes a difference for people.” A kindergarten teacher at Sherwood Forest Elementary also expressed her appreciation. “I was so thankful for the help. It’s a lot of work to do all on your own.”

What began as a small effort by Bellevue Presbyterian in 2005 has now grown to include over 30 churches and a large volunteer force. Our church has the opportunity on August 22 to work with Jubilee REACH to show Christ’s love to the Eastside and to be the Church in action.   

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