Letter from the Editor

I love breakfast food. As a child, whenever my mom couldn’t get home in time to fix dinner, my dad would make us pancakes, or french toast, or waffles. I always looked forward to these evenings because they were so rare and a special treat.

This love for breakfast food has carried over into my adult life and when Jake and I planned our honeymoon to Norway, I was thrilled to learn that every hotel served afternoon waffles! Even better, they were free! It was absolutely normal there, but to me it was something incredible: an opportunity to indulge in something I love.

Days one, two, and three I ate more than my fill. Waffles with jam or sugar or special Norwegian cheese. Day four, I slowed. Day five, I continued to eat them, in defiance of my growing lack of enthusiasm. By day six, I was done. If I never saw another waffle again, I wouldn’t care.

What had happened to my previously adored waffle?

I will now eat the occasional waffle, but this experience illustrates the way I go through life, including my spiritual life.

I am gung-ho, all-in to every decision I make. But it’s difficult to maintain that level of enthusiasm and, as with the waffle incident, I often burn out. My relationship with God takes the brunt of this sometimes.

I’ll decide to read through the book of Psalms, while also journaling and meditating daily. While I can keep this habit up for several weeks, I eventually burn out as my resolve to become likethis with God weakens and I realize I don’t have extra hours in the day.

It’s not that I don’t want to pursue a deeper relationship with God. It’s that I struggle with patience. I want results and I want them now! This summer, I will practice patience in my spiritual walk. Patience will help me fill my spiritual bucket and keep me close to God, without sloshing out and my resolve ending up somewhere behind me, evaporating in the sun.

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