Call for articles

We recognize that BelPres is full of many inspiring stories that detail God’s work and presence throughout the congregation. While we sometimes hear of these stories, most of the time they go unrecognized. We would like to extend an invitation to submit articles (300-600 words) to the Messenger.

Guidelines for Articles:

The Messenger is a publication provided by Bellevue Presbyterian Church. Full of inspiring true to life stories of people’s walk with Christ, their struggles and triumphs, in order to help lift one another up in Christ.

To submit your piece for consideration, please email Katie McRoberts at

One thought on “Call for articles

  1. Hi Katie.
    I’ve written a couple articles that a couple of people say you might be interested in for The Messenger. One is about Jesus meeting me at a casino. Another is about being myself so God can use me.
    Sergio says you’re looking for 600-1000 words? and you use themes? Do themes follow the new departments…belong and grow, mission and serve, etc? Let me know, I’ll shape them up to fit into those criteria, and see if you can use them. Is this OK? Thanks.

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