Behind the Scenes with Andy Taber

Let me introduce you to our behind the scenes volunteer for the month. In a nutshell, he’s a true candidate for “The Apprentice.” He has the street smarts and the education. His specialty? A hammer. “My dad taught me how to use a hammer, and then I went to college to understand the business side of the hammer.” Our church and community have been fortunate to be the recipients of Andy Taber’s talent.

When we sat down to visit, I was immediately at ease. He’s a very humble gentleman, with no agenda.  One of my first questions was, “how were you introduced to BelPres?” He replied that he and his family were enjoying some camp time at Warm Beach in the late 1980’s and Scott Burbank also happened to be there. He invited Andy to serve as an elder for the building committee (Nice catch, Scott!). Andy’s background in both Project Management and Real Estate Development served as valuable assets since the church was expanding.

But as usually happens for talented folks like Andy, one project can lead to another and another.

For six years Andy also built homes with BelPres teens in Tijuana, Mexico and he has worked Jubilee Service Day as a volunteer and as a team leader. His latest project involved remodeling the homes owned by John 14:2 Foundation, close mission partner of BelPres, that are occupied by some of the students of Eastside Academy. Andy is quick to point out that he’s never acted alone in this undertaking.

He worked with Dave Brasher, Tom Wilkinson, Ron Bailey, Jerry Henry, Tyrone Mortensen, and others in the remodeling. According to Gary King, “Andy has put in hundreds of hours” on these homes.

I put Andy on the spot just a little and asked him how he stayed connected to Jesus with all his other projects. He stated that he’s been involved in Men’s Bible Study Fellowship, a men’s Christian book club and also a small Bible study with local businessmen. Sometimes men are hesitant to get involved, “but it’s really just a discussion, you don’t have to be a Bible expert and you learn that others struggle with the same questions you do,” encourages Andy. “Get involved! You will meet wonderful people, make good friends and feel good about helping others.”

We all know what Andy would do if he had a hammer. And we like it!

Andy, we appreciate your many long hours of service, especially with the homes housing EA students and Jubilee Service Day. We are grateful for your leadership skills that have steered our church to a successful expansion and your fine example of using the talents God has given you.

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