A Hallelujah Chorus for Christ’s Victory

Here’s an exercise: take a piece of paper and write down four of the biggest, best things that have ever happened in your life. Maybe the birth of a child or your wedding day, the day you got the job offer of a lifetime, your college graduation or that of your last kid. Now, think of a famous piece of music that would be the perfect soundtrack for each moment.

Just curious, did you pick “Halleluiah Chorus” for one of them? Is it running in your head right now?

Big stories call for big music. And no story is bigger than that of Jesus and our salvation through Him. That’s why Handel’s Messiah continues to be one of the greatest musical settings of the greatest story ever told. Messiah is huge, grand, majestic, passionate, and deep, just like the truth it reveals. It’s a glorious narrative revealing the long worked-out plan of love, the frailty of a child born in a barn, a child who would become a man hanging on a cross and rise again to be the resurrected Savior of every faithful one who has ever walked this earth.

It shines a light on the arrogance of religious law and the leaders that sought to protect their status-quo through it.

It thunders with the power and might of the Almighty, and touches the heart with tender melodies which remind us of the intimate kindness of the Good Shepherd. 

It wouldn’t make sense to use a kazoo to herald the arrival of a king. But it makes perfect sense to use the timeless power of the human voice and the grandeur of a full orchestra to tell the story of our King, and the amazing love that brought His arrival into and transformation of our world forever.

Yes, Messiah is big. It’s one big anthem proclaiming God’s plan for salvation, our rejection of Him, and His ultimate triumph. It’s the victory song of Jesus’ mastery over death. It’s a love song written to God by human hands, but used by God to sing His love right back to us. You could say it’s one big proclamation of joy and truth through music, concluding with an “Amen” worthy of the Book of Revelation itself.

Join us May 15 or 16 as the Sanctuary Chorus and Orchestra brings Messiah to the Sanctuary of BelPres. Bring a box of Kleenex, you’ll need it, or maybe even an oxygen mask, in case the beauty takes your breath away!

One thought on “A Hallelujah Chorus for Christ’s Victory

  1. Looking for an update on Soli Deo Gloria and Yelena’s piano playing.
    Thought it was May 15th at 2 PM. Guess all the people I sent there found locked doors!
    Karen, some of our Russian Community who love classical, wish to know when she will perform .

    Thanks for your kindness and information.

    WEGeuder, ESL Teacher
    Affiliated with Overlake Christian and BelPres

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