Re-Organization: Aligning with Purpose

We are in the middle of a major shift in our culture and things around us are changing almost daily.  As I look at where we have come from and where God is taking us, I can’t help but ask, “God, how can we continue to get on board with You as You call us to partnership to bring revival?” In the light of this culture shift we as a staff have been working with session to shape our vision through the year 2020.

Three strategic initiatives—a new revival venture, missional communities, and increasing racial and generational diversity and community—continue to surface as exciting opportunities into which we believe God is calling us. They are challenging, but I know that together as a staff and as a congregation we can embark on this adventure and live into what God is calling us to do next at BelPres.

To accomplish all this we need to align our staff in ways that leverage our strengths, and help us work collaboratively. With this adventure in mind, we will be reorganizing the department structure of our staff at BelPres.

At the same time, and unrelated to the reorganization, Jesse Rice and Lars Rood have decided to pursue other opportunities. Jesse has moved to a part-time position so that he can devote more of his time to writing and speaking. Lars Rood has decided to leave BelPres to explore a new vocational path (see article on pages 20-21).

As we begin to make these changes, we will continue to be open to developing new ideas while holding onto our shared mission of bringing revival to the Eastside.

In Christ,

Dr. Scott Dudley

If you have any questions please contact Kendy Easley

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