A Career from the ashes

Have you ever felt like your career has gone up in smoke and there is nothing left but ashes? Have you ever lost the passion you had for your work and found you were going through the motions just to earn a paycheck?

Have you found that your career has those Good Friday feelings of loss, but the joy of Easter hasn’t shown up yet? Have you ever faced a lay-off from a job and struggled finding a new one?

I have.

I have experienced the fear that clouds your brain so that you have difficulty making decisions. I have experienced the anxiety that ties your stomach in knots and keeps you awake at night. I have experienced the depression that prevents you from thinking about much beyond your immediate needs.

All of that came back to me as I dealt with one particular job search client. I had moved into a role as a job-searching coach to help people with exactly the struggles I experienced. This particular client decided to leave the vocational ministry and look for meaningful employment in other fields. He had completed the typical program I offer as a coach when it dawned on me: despite the fact that faith was very important to this man, I offered him nothing to help him in his transition that was faith-based. This was exactly the position I had been in when I had struggled in years past.

That discovery led me to explore what Bible-based resources were available to believers to guide them through a job search…and I found there was almost nothing. I reflected on my own experience and could not remember ever hearing a sermon, attending a class, or participating in a workshop that integrated the truths of scripture with the needs of an effective job search.

I dug into the scriptures and found that while they do not talk specifically about résumés, interviewing, Career Builder, and all the rest, they do present principles, strategies, and guidelines. Most, if not all, biblical leaders made significant career changes as they moved into leadership roles in Israel and the church. And that’s where it started.

This breakthrough launched my career as an author, speaker, workshop leader, and continued work as a job-searching coach. The book that came out of those original thoughts brings together biblical truths with the job search reality in a practical way.
And so out of the ashes comes a new passion, enthusiasm, and zest for the next stage in God’s grand adventure. If you have not discovered yours, it’s out there waiting for you, too.

If you want to explore what God has to say about your job search, please join Bill at the “6 Biblical Secrets for an Effective Job Search Workshop,” April 18 and 25. More information and registration can be found on our website.

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