The Secret Service of Jane Fox

The role of an usher is often simply defined as someone who escorts people to their seats, but for those who serve as ushers at BelPres, it is often so much more. For over 20 years, Jane Fox has been ensuring that each and every person who walks in the Sanctuary of BelPres on Sundays not only has a seat and a bulletin, but also truly feels welcome in God’s house.

“I look at it as: we are the first people that many people meet when they come in the church. Many times, we are the only people they interact with, and our smile, helping them find a seat, helping them find where things are – doing all that, with the grace of God in our hearts – can make a big difference to a person,” says Jane.

When Jane was looking for ways to get involved after joining BelPres in 1992, she needed something that fit her often-hectic schedule. As a regular Sunday morning attendee, ushering seemed liked a good way to meet people, get involved, and also serve. She uses her naturally warm personality – and a little humor – each and every Sunday.

“I get people in the seats that no one wants: the front row! On the way up, I’ll usually take them by the arm and say, ‘Now don’t be concerned, front rows are great! You’ve got all the leg room you want, and you can make faces at the pastor and no one is going to know.’ Afterwards, I’ll try to get to them and make sure that it was a good experience,” she explains with a laugh.

To help any given service run smoothly, it takes nine ushers, and on special occasions such as Christmas Eve it requires up to 18 ushers.

Jane appreciates the teamwork and the relationships she’s built with her fellow volunteers over the years.

“We get to know each other. We pray for each other. We get involved. It’s a way to get connected,” says Jane. 

“For me, ushering is just a kick; it is something I thoroughly enjoy. I volunteer to usher any time I think they might need ushers. I enjoy doing it. I like being able to show people our church,” says Jane.

“Jane has been an amazing member of the usher team ever since I can remember. As a leader and captain, she’s great at making sure the team is well trained and capable of handling anything we need of the ushers. Plus she has a wonderful sense of humor, desire to help and be a part of the community…and she’s just a delight to be around!” exclaims Music & Worship Associate Karen Nelson.

Jane, we thank you for sharing your gift with us, and your dedication to Bellevue Presbyterian!

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