Good and Faithful Servant: Thank You Anne Korsmo

If you read The Messenger, Anne Korsmo has touched your life. For years, Anne has been a faithful Communications team member. Month after month and year after year she has combed through articles, calendars, and announcements looking to make sure they make sense, are spelled correctly, and are pleasing to read. Her love for words and reading has blessed these pages and brought us God’s message in correct English and proper grammar.

Although I only had the privilege of working with Anne for a short while, her impact on the department quickly became evident. I am the type of person who enjoys writing, but I have a poor sense of spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Anne has the ability to swoop in like a knight in shining armor and make sense out of writing that could possibly not be considered English and the meaning of which is completely obscured.

In addition to The Messenger, she also oversaw the bulletin, the church website, and the transcription of the sermons. That is the beauty of Anne: she is the florist of words in the reading garden we enjoy.

January marked Anne’s retirement. When we first spoke about it, it seemed so far away; now it has come and gone. Anne may not be on the Communications team anymore, but you will still find her singing in the choir and possibly thumbing through The Messenger to ensure everything is spelled correctly. So if you’re out there, Anne, we love you, we miss you, and “Well done, good and faithful servant!”(Matthew 25:23a).

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