Lord, I don’t like the word repentance

I don’t like the topic, I don’t like the fact that I need to repent, often

Because I am guilty of all manner of things

All the things I’ve done that I ought not to have done

And all the things I didn’t do that I ought to have done

As the old general confession states,

There is no health in me.

Where can I go with my guilt, my sin, my shame, my self-loathing?

The only healthy place to go is to run to Jesus

When I want to hide, and not be seen, and when I don’t want anyone to know my sin

I need to run to Jesus

When I’m embarrassed, ashamed, and sick of myself

I need to run to Jesus

When I’ve messed up, missed the mark, fallen short, disobeyed God

I need to run to Jesus, not drag my feet, or turn in the other direction

I need to run to Jesus


Because Jesus is the only one who understands me, and can help me

He is Grace and Truth in person

He won’t let me get away with stuff, but he won’t condemn me either

He loves me and you completely, unconditionally

He wants us to repent, turn back towards him

For our sake, for our sanity, for our healing

Repentance is good for the soul

And for the body, for your total being

So practice repentance, saying you’re sorry, you were wrong, you did the wrong thing

To those you have hurt, and to God

Ask for forgiveness from those you have hurt and from God

See Jesus with his arms wide open waiting for you to turn and run to him

To be forgiven, to be loved and to be healed

Make repentance a habit, your friend, not your enemy

And learn to live a life of humility because you are accepted by God’s grace

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