Blessing at Difficult Times

God has equipped each of us in such diverse ways, and it’s our unique privilege to walk alongside others as they journey through difficult times as well as times of joy; God doesn’t intend for us to go it alone. We are gifted with the desire to bless those we join in their journey. I have personally received this blessing of companionship on a difficult journey.

When I was diagnosed with breast cancer, I had many questions for God and my doctors. The medical team answered the questions and God answered with, “Glorify Me!” These were not my words; my words were more like, “Poor me, why me?” I heard it again, “Glorify Me!” God’s words helped me take the focus off of myself, and focus on healing and modeling God’s healing to others. Chemo was part of my treatment, and God again reminded me to Glorify Him. What did this mean? I’m still figuring that out. I know God carried me through the nine months of treatment as well as the months spent regaining my strength and getting back to the new normal.

As I reflect on this time, some of the ways that God brightened my days were emails and cards of encouragement, flowers arriving unexpectedly, and knowing others were thinking and praying for me. A friend sent texts on chemo days: “3 down only 5 more to go.” Just knowing that someone else is thinking and praying for you is so uplifting. My friends gave me a hat party, which helped turn tough days into fun days. My Deacon visited each week after chemo, bringing treats or flowers.

It was such a gift to have someone from my church care enough to visit me each week. I know I was not always the best company, but we laughed, cried, and loved the Lord together. Our lives travel through many seasons and you may and that this is the year when you or people close to you, struggle, grieve or suffer. One of the 200 plus BelPres Deacons wants to walk alongside you, both when things are tough and also at times of joy. So don’t be shy. Let us know when we can join you in your journey.

We laughed, cried and loved the Lord.

If you would like to be part of the amazing Deacon Team here at BelPres, nominations are now being accepted. Please do nominate that person whose caring heart is apparent, or if you feel God nudging you, nominate yourself. Contact Debi Gordon in the Church office.

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