Rev. Dr Martin Luther King Day: A Reflection

By Becky Gonzalez, Director of Global Outreach

Earlier this month we Celebrated Martin Luther King Day. How did you celebrate?

The thing that I am in awe of this month was that he is the REVEREND Dr. Martin Luther King and that we have a national holiday set aside for him, and the movement he was a part of. I wonder if people reflect on that he was a Christian, who constantly shared the message of the Good News of the Gospel every opportunity he had. He was following his convictions as a follower of Christ.

Thank you Dr. King. I enjoyed my day off. More than that, I appreciate that he was the fact that I had the opportunity of hearing his wise and articulate words this week from a sermon entitled Love in Action, drawing on how the truth of this verse is revealed in race relation of his time and continue to ring through today.

Read the full transcript here. It is pretty awesome.

Did you have the day off work or school?
Did you put a famous quote on your Facebook status?
Did you participate in the March downtown Seattle?
What did you do to honor him?

6 Things Your Church Should be Doing, but Probably Isn’t

By Becky Gonzalez, Director of Global Outreach


This article from Relevant Magazine is a challenge for churches to be better at reaching our community and world for the sake of the Good News. BelPres! We are proud that you are a church community seeking to do these things. We are not perfect, but we are making good strides and love that we are a church committed to programs that lead to deeper and stronger relationships with each other and with God. Nonetheless it is a good challenge for us all to keep on track as ambassadors of the Gospel.

1. Working Face to Face with the Poor
2. Building Relationships with Other Churches
3. Putting Effort Toward Diversity
4. Chasing a Vision, not a Quota
5. Building a Missions Department that Goes Beyond the Offering Plate
6. Equipping Their Members, not Just Entertaining Them

In what areas are you proud of BelPres? Where do you think we can grow?


Rebellion Against the Status Quo


By Rich Leatherberry, Mission Pastor

Dick Eastman, author and creator of the Change the World School of Prayer writes; “In no other way can the believer become as fully involved with God’s work, especially the work of world evangelism, as in intercessory prayer.””

Prayer helps us partner with God in reviving what is broken and unjust in our world. Prayer is rebellion against the status quo. It is to say, “these things are unacceptable. The way things are, are not the way things should be. So in Jesus name, I urgently plead that the present status will be radically and eternally changed. Prayer places the one praying in the midst of God’s Kingdom movement, points toward people, places and circumstances God is not currently reigning in and calls for all Heaven to show up. Your Kingdom rule come, Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.”

One book I often use to engage me as a partner in what God is doing in our world is “Operation World” by Patrick Johnston. You can order or read a shorter version of the book here: It’s a great way to learn about specific countries, people groups, historical and economic realities and the Christian movement around the world. More importantly, it gives specific prayer requests which engage us in rebelling against the status quo.

Rebelling against the status quo in prayer changes us. It helps us see as God sees, love as God loves, and act as God acts. But most importantly, it engages us in God’s revival project and unleashes His Kingdom around the world.

So how can your prayer become more rebellious? Who and for what will you pray for? Keep a record of your prayer and write down any changes that take place. Start praying rebelliously and just see what God will do.

An Update from Lynn Pelton in Sierra Leone

Lynn Pelton, our BelPres member currently serving as an Ebola nurse, has posted an update on the Greatest Goal Ministries blog. We invite you to read her updates and join us in praying for her safety and for the people of Sierra Leone.

You can find her update here: December 22: An update from Lynn in Sierra Leone