Baby Basics of Bellevue


Baby Basics of Bellevue is a nonprofit volunteer organization devoted to providing and distributing diapers and compassion to working poor families who do not receive government cash assistance. 100% of donations go directly toward the purchase of diapers.

Early intervention with infants is one of the best ways to maximize their potential to thrive. By providing babies with diapers, a constant and expensive necessity, we are contributing to a healthy start for babies from birth to three years of age and their families.

Our Mission

Baby Basics of Bellevue's mission is to make a positive impact in the lives of babies and their families by providing diapers for babies, and a safe place to receive emotional support and referrals to enable their success.

Why Diapers?

  • A mother and father should not have to make a choice between a supply of clean diapers and buying food for their children.
  • Infrequent diaper changes can cause severe diaper rash and other health issues.
  • Crying babies in distressed families can put the babies at risk for child abuse.
  • Food stamps cannot be used for diapers.

Did you know...

Although the recession that began in December 2007 was technically declared over in June 2009, its devastating effects continue to cripple our community. More than 25% of Bellevue families are struggling to pay their rent or mortgage, and feed and clothe their children.

  • 22.8% of Bellevue students now qualify for free or reduced lunches, and there are schools in the district where at least 30% of the students are eligible for lunch assistance.
  • In a 2011 Bellevue survey 61% of the respondents said lack of affordable housing was a major to moderate problem, 22% said hunger was a major to moderate problem, and 36% of the respondents rated the issue of having jobs that do not pay enough for the basics of food, shelter, and clothing as a major to moderate problem.
  • In King County the average monthly visits to food banks is 44% higher than the number recorded in 2007.
  • Based on data from Seattle food banks, the largest increase in food bank beneficiaries was for children 0-2, followed by children 3-18.

Who Qualifies for This Program

Families living and working in Bellevue with babies under the age of 3 years old and have at least 1 parent working, and meet maximum financial guidelines and not receiving any form of federal or state cash assistance. All qualified families are eligible for Baby Basics program regardless of race, creed, or religion.

How Baby Basics Works

We serve families who are working and struggling to make ends meet and living on the edge of poverty. They are not receiving any state or government cash assistance and may or may not be receiving food stamps.

Families are introduced to the program from various referral agencies. When entering the program the family signs a contract with Baby Basics of Bellevue assuring that at least one family member will attend the bi-monthly diaper distribution. The bi-monthly distribution serves to both give the family a two-week supply of diapers and to provide an open and caring environment where they have an opportunity to connect with volunteers, talk about issues, and receive referrals to other supportive services.

Baby Basics operates with the aid of volunteers and a working Board to distribute diapers bi-monthly to participating families. We rely on private donations and fundraisers, 100% of which goes directly to the purchase of diapers. Administrative costs are underwritten by donations earmarked as such.

Baby Basics is hosted bi-monthly at First Presbyterian Church of Bellevue. The location is a mile from the heart of downtown Bellevue. It has ample free parking and is on two major bus routes. The space at First Presbyterian is ideal for families providing a relaxing atmosphere and a place for kids to play.

Our History

Jean Ann Lynch founded Baby Basics in 1992 in Ridgewood, NJ. Jean Ann saw the struggle for parents to provide a basic necessity for their babies - clean, dry diapers. Currently there are 14 Baby Basics programs across the country: New York, NJ; South Boston, MA; Hyde Park, MA; Wilmington, VT; Naples, FL; Tampa, FL; Sarasota, FL; Winter Park, FL; Apex, NC; Hagerstown, MD; Milwaukee, WI; Troy, MI; and Bellevue, WA.

There are many ways you can serve in this program:

  • You or your organization can provide financial support by committing to support a baby for a month, a year, or three years.
  • You can volunteer to serve as a liaison with your church, synagogue, or employer to provide support for Baby Basics of Bellevue.

For more information, please contact us at or voicemail at 425-454-3084 x3205