Ripple Effect

The Ripple Effect capital campaign began in March of 2006.

The Ripple Effect Introduction

"The Ripple Effect" captures the idea of the three concentric circles of influence - here on our church campus, across town at the Jubilee REACH Center, and around the world in Rwanda and Sudan. The theme and logo clearly show Jesus Christ is the center of everything we do, and it is His influence we are spreading, and His kingdom we are building. The cross in the center represents the cross on our Sanctuary building. The water symbolizes the living water which Jesus offers to all seekers (John 4). The outward motion of ripples conveys the message that we are an internally strong and externally focused church.

Circle #1
Building a new education facility for children and youth programs, First Presbyterian Christian Preschool, Eastside Academy, and more.


Circle #2
Acquire property and launch the Jubilee REACH Center to offer educational, emotional, and spiritual support to underserved youth and their families.


Circle #3
Gather start-up funds to launch a ministry to street kids in Rwanda, and an education and health mission in Southern Sudan.

Want to know more about what happened in each circle? Click here to read short, monthly updates on each of the three circles.

ISS, our Capital Campaign Consultants, published an article about The Ripple Effect campaign.

Ripple Effect FINALE